This web portal deliver all the information about employment and vacancies available in, which works exactly what employers need today, to search the right person for the right job at the right time to reduce the recruitment cost.

At Ahead Recruit, we help you to optimize your returns in your human capital investment through forming a close rapport with you from the beginning to gain a good understanding of your business needs. By doing so, we are able to determine your recruitment needs and requirements unique to your company. We work closely with you to determine each proposed role, and to identify experience and competencies essential for success. Understanding the nature of your business, where the role can add value and how to attract suitable competent candidates, is what we do best.

For every proposed position, we INTERVIEW potential candidates extensively and SELECT those that present a good fit to the job and your company. Our search process is THOROUGH and SYSTEMATIC.

Our emphasis

How does our recruitment solution impact on your business's performance? Our focus is to deliver quality experience with the ultimate aim of retaining you as our business partners in the long term. We like to invite you to contact us for a discussion on your search and recruitment needs.

Our Recruitment Process

  • JOB MATCHING SERVICE - Matching your position against applicants on our computer database
  • SCREENING - Screening applicants to company requirements for vacant positions
  • Conducting a register maintenance of applicants in the pool
  • Being the lodgment centre for completed employment applications
  • Online advertising of the vacant position
  • Aptitude testing of candidates
  • Reference checking candidates

Why Us?

  • Time savings for all Employer.
    All you need to do is to send in your opening position Job Description to and we will do the searching and screening for the position…
    For every proposed position, we will go through our whole recruitment process, before sending the CV for our Employer to review. Cateria matching between the selected employee with the proposed position will be more than 50%. This can save Employer time of screening/search for the suitable candidate for the first round.
  • Specialise in IT Recruitment
    We are only specialise in IT recruitment position for our clients. (from Fresh IT graduate to Senior IT Manager
For the Employers, please contact us to post your job on this websites.



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